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Week 4: Streaming Guide

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This post is for the week of 11/06 – 11/12. Week 4 of the NBA season.

Since this is my first article on Locked On Fantasy Basketball, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself, as well as the concept behind my weekly article.

I am the newest writer/analyst here at Locked On Fantasy Basketball. I have been playing Fantasy Basketball, among other fantasy sports for a number of years. I will be sharing an article here every week that could potentially help you become your league’s champion.

Keeping up with the NBA schedule each week is important because it can possibly give you an edge over your matchup. If done correctly, you could get 5-6 games out a roster spot, instead of 2-4 on any given week. More Games = More Stats4urCats™. Therefore, when scouring the wire for who you should pick up, it is important to consider how many games they are playing that week and what days those games are on. This post not only highlights and analyzes this week’s schedule, but also various streaming strategies depending on playing schedules, as well as some players to consider streaming this week. This method is especially helpful for leagues with matchup acquisition limits (i.e. a league that has three waiver wire pickups allowed per matchup).

Streaming Strategies

Before going into some of the week’s best streaming strategies it is important to describe the difference between a good streaming day and a bad streaming day. Refer to this table:

Team Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
# Games Played 3 10 5 5 8 11 4


This table shows the number of games played during this week. Good streaming days are when there are less than eight games on a given day. Bad streaming days are when there are more than eight games on a given day. If you look at this week’s schedule there are four good streaming days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

For example, the Nets may look appealing because they have four games this week. However, if you look closer, you will see that they have games on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. If you were to pick up someone like Caris “Lil Uzi” LeVert or Allen Crabbe this week, you will see that they have three games on bad streaming days. Therefore, they will most likely end up on your bench during one of those days (making them a waste of a pickup) because you will probably have ten players who are better than them playing for your team. The ultimate goal is to target teams that play multiple games on good streaming days.

Let’s take a look at this week’s schedule:

Team Games Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
# Games Played 3 10 5 5 8 11 4
Atlanta Hawks 3 BOS @DET @WAS
Boston Celtics 4 @ATL LAL CHA TOR
Brooklyn Nets 4 @PHO @DEN @POR @UTA
Charlotte Hornets 2 @NYK @BOS
Chicago Bulls 3 @TOR IND @SAS
Cleveland Cavaliers 3 MIL @HOU @DAL
Dallas Mavericks 3 @WAS CLE @OKC
Denver Nuggets 3 BKN OKC ORL
Detroit Pistons 3 IND ATL MIA
Golden State Warriors 3 MIA MIN PHI
Houston Rockets 3 CLE MEM @IND
Indiana Pacers 4 NOP @DET @CHI HOU
Los Angeles Clippers 3 @SAS @OKC @NOP
Los Angeles Lakers 3 @BOS @WAS @MIL
Memphis Grizzlies 2 @POR @HOU
Miami Heat 4 @GSW @PHO @UTA @DET
Milwaukee Bucks 3 @CLE @SAS LAL
Minnesota Timberwolves 2 @GSW @PHO
New Orleans Pelicans 3 @IND @TOR LAC
New York Knicks 3 CHA @ORL SAC
Oklahoma City Thunder 4 @SAC @DEN LAC DAL
Orlando Magic 3 NYK @PHO @DEN
Philadelphia 76ers 3 @UTA @SAC @GSW
Phoenix Suns 4 BKN MIA ORL MIN
Portland Trail Blazers 2 MEM BKN
Sacramento Kings 3 OKC PHI @NYK
San Antonio Spurs 3 LAC MIL CHI
Toronto Raptors 3 CHI NOP @BOS
Utah Jazz 3 PHI MIA BKN
Washington Wizards 3 DAL LAL ATL


Considering this week’s schedule, here are some important things to note, as well as some streaming strategies to consider:

  • Brooklyn is back to playing four games this week. Since they only played two games last week, some owners may have gotten impatient with some of the better Brooklyn boys (i.e. DeMarre Carroll, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Trevor Booker, Spencer Dinwiddie). Scoop these players up if they’re on the wire. They could provide a huge boost for your team and may have good value moving forward.
  • This week, the Hornets, Grizzlies, Timberwolves, and Trail Blazers only have two games. Therefore you may want to drop a player from one of these teams in order to get more Stats4urCats (do NOT drop one of these players if you think they are worth keeping through the two game week).
    • Droppable players on the Hornets include: Frank Kaminsky, Marvin Williams, Cody Zeller, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Malik Monk, and Dwayne Bacon.
    • Droppable players on the Grizzlies include: Chandler Parsons, James Ennis III, Dillon Brooks, Jarell Martin, and Mario Chalmers.
    • Droppable players on the Timberwolves include: Gorgui Dieng, Jamal Crawford, Nemanja Bjelica, and possibly Taj Gibson (if someone on the wire catches your eye).
    • Droppable players on the Trail Blazers include: Al-Farouq Aminu (or IR), Ed Davis, Maurice Harkless, and possibly Evan Turner (if not running a punt points or 3pts build).
  • The Thunder and Pacers’ four-game week doesn’t start until Tuesday. This is important to note because you may be able to get a start out of one of your players on Monday, and then replace them with a player from these teams. Also, the Pistons and Rockets have three-game weeks that do not start until Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.
  • The two teams with the best schedules this week are the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat. They both have three out of four games on good streaming days and only face one hard defense each, the Hornets and Jazz, respectively.
  • The Lakers have a back-to-back in the middle of the week (Wednesday and Thursday). Both of those games are on good streaming days. Therefore, it may be beneficial to pick up a Laker after Tuesday’s games.
  • Promising strategy of the week: This week there is a strategy that can be used to get six starts out of one roster spot. This can be done using three steps (if you have a limited number of matchup acquisitions, and wish to utilize your pick-ups in other ways. You can get five starts out of a roster spot, instead of six, by only doing the first two steps):
    1. Start a player for a two-game stretch from Monday through Wednesday (by either keeping a player already on your team or picking up a player from the wire). Teams that have two games in that time frame are: Celtics, Nets, Warriors, Pacers, Heat, Knicks, and the Suns.
    2. Pick up a player from the OKC Thunder. They have back-to-back games on Thursday and Friday.
    3. Lastly, pick up a player from the Rockets or the Mavericks. Both teams have back-to-back games on Saturday and Sunday. If done correctly, you would get six games of production out of one roster spot. Theoretically, you can do this same method with multiple roster spots if the players are available and/or you don’t have limited matchup acquisitions.

Players to Stream

Below are some players to stream from the teams that either have four-game weeks or that I mentioned in the Streaming Strategies section.

I am specifically focusing on players available in more than 50 percent of leagues [my position and percentage owned data is coming from Yahoo. Therefore, it may be slightly different in ESPN or other formats]. I added a decent amount of players who are under five percent owned for those of you in deeper leagues.

Boston Celtics

  • Marcus Morris (SF,PF)- 42%
  • Terry Rozier (PG,SG)- 24%
  • Aron Baynes (C)- 3%

Brooklyn Nets

  • Allen Crabbe (PG,SG,SF)- 54%
  • Spencer Dinwiddie (PG)- 37%
  • Trevor Booker (PF)- 33%
  • Caris “Lil Uzi” LeVert (SG,SF)- 22%
  • Timofey Mozgov (C)- 4%

Dallas Mavericks

  • Seth Curry (PG,SG)- 45% (if back from injury)
  • J. Barea (PG,SG)- 25%
  • Yogi Ferrell (PG,SG)- 16%
  • Devin Harris (PG,SG)- 1%

Detroit Pistons

  • Stanley Johnson (SG,SF)- 9%
  • Ish Smith (PG)- 7%
  • Anthony Tolliver (SF,PF)- 0% [decent add for very deep leagues]

Houston Rockets

  • PJ Tucker (SG,SF)- 17%
  • Luc Mbah a Moute (SF,PF)- 15% [his role is growing]
  • Nene Hilario (PF,C)- 2%

Indiana Pacers

  • Bojan Bogdanovic (SG,SF)- 42%
  • Cory Joseph (PG)- 6%
  • Lance Stephenson (SG,SF)- 5%

Miami Heat

  • Kelly Olynyk (PF,C)- 55%
  • Josh Richardson (PG,SG,SF)- 54%
  • Tyler Johnson (PG,SG)- 33%
  • Justise Winslow (SF,PF)- 33%
  • Wayne Ellington (SG,SF)- 1% [dem threes]

Oklahoma City Thunder

  • Andre Roberson (SG,SF)- 6%
  • Jerami Grant (SF,PF)- 5%

Phoenix Suns

  • Josh Jackson (SG,SF)- 42%
  • Mike “Jones” James (PG)- 40%
  • Alex Len (PF,C)- 36%
  • Tyson Chandler (C)- 28%
  • Tyler Ulis (PG)- 6%
  • Dragan Bender (PF)- 4%


If you are in a six or eight team league, then there may be options available that are better than the players on this list (i.e. Marcus Smart, Demare Carroll, Trevor Booker). Make sure you grab those players over the ones that are on these lists. See you next week!


Jonathan is a fantasy writer and has been playing Fantasy Basketball since 2013. He lives in New Jersey.


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